Dental Fillings

What is dental filling?

The filling of a decayed tooth with a material in the tooth’s own form into the cavity after the process of cleaning the decays with the root canal treatment method is called dental filling. It is the process of restoring the natural function and appearance of the tooth damaged due to decay. To prevent bacteria into the cavities formed in the tooth and to stop the progression of decay, dental filling must be done.

How is dental filling performed?

  • A dental X-ray is done and the area to be filled is determined.
  • The tooth is cleaned with dental instruments.
  • The dental filling material to be applied to the patient is selected.
  • The dental filling material is filled into the cleaned area.
  • The dental filling material placed in the tooth is frozen using a dental instrument.
  • After the freezing process, the dentist gives the final shape to the dental filling by cutting and thinning the dental filling according to the patient.

In general, the dental filling procedure is done as above, but sometimes the duration and sessions may differ in dental filling procedures with gold filling materials. Dental filling materials do not adhere to the tooth, so the dentist fixes the dental filling material to the tooth with laser beams.

Dental Filling Materials

In case of tooth fracture, decay or loss of material in the tooth, the cavities must be filled with appropriate materials. If the dental filling process is not performed after the cavity is formed, the tooth may decay or the existing decay may grow, which can lead to both excessive toothache and loss of dental nerves or vessels. Therefore, the dentist fills the gaps in the tooth for any reason. There are several types of dental filling materials applied today.

1-Composite Dental Fillings: It is the most commonly used dental filling material by dentists. Since its cost is affordable compared to other filling materials, it is the most preferred dental filling by patients. Composite dental filling is not recommended for filling large cavities because it is not durable due to its fragile structure. It is especially applied to the front and visible parts of the tooth.

2-Porcelain Fillings (Inlay – Onlay Fillings): It is the dental filling material that adapts best to the teeth in terms of aesthetics. It is prepared from porcelain material in a laboratory environment. Its cost is similar to gold dental filling prices. It cannot be distinguished from the natural color of the teeth. It is generally preferred for dental filling procedures to be applied to the front teeth.

3-Dental Amalgam Fillings: Also called metal filling or silver filling. It consists of 70% silver, the rest is made up of copper, tin and mercury. It is the most used dental filling material together with gold filling in terms of durability and long lasting. The opinion that it is harmful is absolutely wrong, dental amalgam filling material or other dental filling materials are not harmful to human health. Although it is not preferred by the patient in terms of its appearance, it can be used in the molar teeth.

4-Gold Filling: It is the most durable and long-lasting dental filling material, but it is also the most expensive one because it contains gold. It is also the most laborious dental filling material for the dentist.

How long do Dental Fillings last?

The durability of the dental filling material is more related to how well the patient cares for their teeth. Habits such as very hot and very cold food and drinks, not brushing the teeth twice a day, consuming tobacco and its derivatives, consuming alcohol and acidic drinks such as soda, nail biting and teeth clenching determine the durability of the dental filling.

If the teeth are well cared for, the durability of fillings is as follows:

Gold fillings: 25-30 years,

Dental Amalgam Fillings: 10-15 years,

Porcelain Fillings: 8-10 years,

Composite Dental Fillings: 3-5 years.

Dental Filling Prices

In accordance with the law, we cannot give prices on the website otherwise we are penalized. However, in order to give you, our valuable patients, an idea, we can share the dental filling prices in the price tariff announced by the Turkish Dental Association every year.

According to the Turkish Dental Association Treatment Fee Catalog, 2020 dental filling prices are as follows:

Composite Dental Filling Front Tooth: 500 TL

Composite Dental Filling Rear Tooth: 300 TL

Porcelain Filling: 1000 TL

Gold filling Rear Tooth: 1000 TL

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