Jaw Cysts

What is Jaw Cyst?

Cysts are cavities that can be found in the bones or soft tissues of our body, sometimes containing a soft fluid and surrounded by soft tissue. Cysts can be found anywhere in the body, but most cysts occur in the jaw area.

Are jaw cysts dangerous?

There is no clear and precise information about why jaw cysts occur. They are generally harmless and not malignant tumors, but they may tend to grow rapidly over time. If the jaw cyst growth causes discomfort to the person, it can be removed. If there is a malignant tumor tendency, it should be intervened and removed quickly.

Treatment of jaw cysts

Cysts in the jaw are treated surgically. General or local anesthesia is used depending on the size of the cyst to be removed. Before removing the cyst in the jaw, if there is decay in the teeth associated with the cyst, canal treatment is performed on these teeth first. The following procedures are applied during the operation;

  • Part of the gum and related bone is removed
  • The cyst is removed and the area around it is cleaned
  • The cleaned area is closed with sutures
  • The sample is sent to pathology for control.