What is scaling?

Brown or yellow spots on the teeth is called plaque or tartar. The practice of cleaning the bacterial plaque on the teeth is called scaling or detertraj in dentistry. Scaling should be done periodically to prevent tooth decay and to remove tartar. Scaling should be performed once a year and every year by a dentist.

How is scaling done?

When a regular scaling is not performed, this can lead to loose teeth, gingival problems, bad breath and tooth decay. In scaling, dentists may use ultrasonic dental treatment devices, medical toothpastes and a range of dental instruments. Scaling takes approximately 15 minutes. The scaling process, which starts with ultrasonic devices that create vibration, continues until the tartar is broken into pieces. Water is sprayed into the mouth with a spray device. After the removal of large tartar, the remaining tartar is cleaned with dental instruments and the scaling application is completed.

Scaling Prices

Scaling is not an expensive procedure. Due to the law, we cannot publish our prices on our website. Do not neglect regular scaling at least once every 2 years to avoid dental problems. Please contact us to be informed about the price of scaling.