Prosthetic Dental Treatment

What is Prosthetic Dental Treatment?

Prosthodontics, one of the main branches of dentistry, is the process of replacing lost teeth with artificial teeth and dental treatment applied to patients with tooth loss due to different reasons. Prosthodontic treatment eliminates the discomfort caused by lost teeth. It treats patients who have lost the ability to speak comfortably and clearly, who have partially lost the ability to chew, and who have lost their aesthetic dental appearance due to lost teeth.

What does Prosthodontic Treatment include?

In general, removable and fixed prostheses are used in prosthodontics. Implant prostheses can also be evaluated in the prosthetic dental treatment. In some cases, the following treatments are applied in the prosthetic dental treatment, which is called aesthetic dental treatment.

Prosthetic Teeth

A prosthetic tooth is a denture procedure that is produced to fill the gaps in the mouth caused by lost teeth.

Dental Implant

An implant is a dental appliance that is placed under the gum line. The purpose of the appliance is to fuse with the patient’s jaw after a certain period of time and act as an artificial tooth root.

Dental Veneers

It is a method used to treat dental diseases such as fractured, worn and dysfunctional teeth.