Smile Design

What is smile design?

Human faces attract attention first. The most noticeable area in the face is the oral structure and teeth. Color differences in the teeth, large and small teeth, i.e. tooth structure, gaps in the teeth and the correct alignment of the teeth affect every function of people from their appearance to their smile. The dentistry treatment method that corrects the tooth and mouth structure in harmony with each other is called smile design, smile aesthetics or Hollywood smile design with its name in the world.

Is smile design permanent?

Smile design is a multidisciplinary form of treatment that combines many treatment methods. Each patient’s smile design treatment is different, that is, it is performed specifically for the patient. The materials used in dental treatments have a certain durability. The permanence of the smile design is also equivalent to the materials used in the treatment. For example, x brand implant has a durability of 2 years while y brand implant has a durability of 10 years. Zirconium veneers has a longer durability while composite veneers have a shorter durability. The permanence of the smile design is related to the dentist’s experience and the materials used in the treatment. Therefore, it is most important for the patient who wants to design a smile to choose the right dental hospital.

How is smile design performed?

There are some details to make the smile look beautiful. Some structures must be appropriate to ensure the correct smile design. For example, the imaginary line formed in the middle of the patient’s eye and upper and lower teeth should be parallel. While smiling, the place where the teeth meet the gums should be on the same line with the upper lip line. According to the golden ratio concept, the teeth, especially the front teeth, should be symmetrical to the cheekbones, forehead and eye structure. Smile design treatment is carried out for the teeth and mouth structure meet the criteria mentioned above. Sometimes only teeth whitening treatment may be sufficient to design a smile. Sometimes it is completed with a combination of treatments such as implants, laminated teeth, prosthetic teeth and root canal treatment. Smile design for patients who do not have any discomfort in their teeth and oral structure that will affect the smile design is done with the following stages:

  1. With our 3D intraoral scanner itero, the patient’s entire intraoral structure, gums and teeth are scanned.
  2. In our photo studio, pictures of the patient’s mouth are taken from different angles.
  3. According to the patient’s golden ratio structure, the appropriate tooth structure is selected by showing the appropriate sample tooth structures.
  4. With the 3D scanner, the tooth design that the patient will have after the treatment is completed is shown to the patient on the screen.
  5. In the next session, the necessary treatments on the teeth and gums are performed.
  6. The teeth to be veneered are measured digitally with an imaging device.
  7. The patient is provided with temporary teeth.
  8. At the 3rd, i.e. last, appointment, the customized veneers are tested.
  9. In agreement with the patient, veneers are applied as a final procedure.
  10. The smile design is completed and the patient happily leaves the clinic with a perfect smile design.

Smile design Prices

The way a person smiles can leave a positive or negative impression in a person’s life and can lead to self-confidence or insecurity. Therefore, having a beautiful smile can give people many advantages. There is no a fixed price for smile design. Smile design prices are related to which treatments the person needs and it is a price scale that can vary from dentist to dentist. Please contact us in order to reach the right dentist and the right prices.