BatuDent brand, created under the leadership of Adnan BATU, who has 40 years of dentistry experience, moved the dental clinic in Istanbul Bağcılar district to Istanbul Bahçelievler district as Batu Oral and Dental Health polyclinic in 2018. BatuDent, which is famous as Bahçelievler dental hospital, has signed many oral and dental treatments.

BatuDent, which includes 7 branch dentists, uses state-of-the-art devices while treating its patients.

BatuDent, which does not receive laboratory service from any other business, is able to provide guaranteed treatment services to its patients in the fastest way with its own laboratory and dental technicians.

BatuDent always prioritizes patient satisfaction; Under the main branches of orthodontics, gum diseases, pediatric dental diseases, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, prosthetic and restorative dentistry, it is proud to successfully treat dental diseases such as root canal treatment, implant, tooth whitening and tooth extraction.

Adopting the rules of medical ethics, BatuDent continues to invest in new devices with an innovative vision, even though it has the technology to reflect the finished treatment of the patient on the screen, even before the treatment starts, with its unrivaled imaging devices.

The most important principle for BatuDent is to work with dentists who respect patient rights and can create a treatment plan accordingly.


A dental clinic that works with the most successful dentists in Turkey’s field, acting with the understanding of the best oral and dental health services, and spares no expense for this purpose, fully implements all necessary steps to ensure that the treatments applied to its patients will not cause any problems for many years. to be. To ensure that all our patients who apply to our polyclinic for oral and dental problems leave our clinic with a satisfied and smiling face.


BatuDent aims to continuously improve itself in order to contribute to the dentistry profession, while providing solutions to the oral and dental health problems of its patients without compromising scientific, conscientious and ethical values.