What is Endodontics?

The department of dentistry that treats dental diseases inside the tooth, that is, up to the root, is called endodontics. Endodontic treatment is the most common dental treatment method applied by dentists.

It is useful to know the following in order to better understand the branch of endodontics. According to dental anatomy, the visible part of the tooth when looked from the outside is called the crown, and the invisible part, that is, the part under the crown, is called the tooth root. There are layers that make up the tooth. The layer where the gum and crown meet is called enamel. The layer under the tooth enamel is called dentin. The layer under the enamel and dentin, which is the living part of the tooth that cannot be seen from the outside, is called the pulp.This soft connective tissue is called the dental nerve.

Endodontics Treatments

Toothache is caused by injury or damage to the pulp, the vessels and nerves. An endodontist deals with this. It cleans the decay up to the pulp, i.e. performs root canal treatment and closes the cavities with dental fillings.

If you have a toothache, you should be treated by an endodontic specialist without wasting time, otherwise the cavities will spread further and cause you bigger problems. Make an endodontic appointment (burası online randevu formuna linklenecek) for the treatment of your caries before it spreads.

Root Canal Treatment

The term “canal” in the root canal treatment is the natural cavity in the middle of the tooth.

Dental Fillings

The filling of a decayed tooth with a material in the tooth’s own form into the cavity after the process of cleaning the decays with the root canal treatment method is called dental filling.

Pulp Capping

It is a treatment by applying a kind of dental fillings that treats the sensitivity caused by cold, hot, sour and sweet impacts on the teeth.