Pulp Capping

What is Pulp Capping?

It is a treatment by applying a kind of dental fillings that treats the sensitivity caused by cold, hot, sour and sweet impacts on the teeth. Pulp Capping is applied before the decay reaches the pulp tissue, that is, as a pioneering treatment in caries that does not require root canal treatment. It is placed in the place closest to the nerves of the tooth and covered with a filling. With good care of the tooth, root canal treatment can be delayed for 3-5 years.

Purpose of Pulp Capping Treatment

It is performed to relieve pain and prevent the decay from spreading. The dentist decides whether or not the pulp capping can be performed after examining the dental x-ray in order to preserve the vitality of the tooth. When the pain does not go away after the pulp capping, root canal treatment should be performed.