Laminated Teeth

What is Laminated Teeth?

It is a dentistry application in which porcelain veneers are applied on the thinned teeth by only slightly thinning the healthy teeth without cutting them. The word “laminated” is a word that entered our language from Latin and means “leaf”. It is a branch of dentistry that is one of the main branches of dentistry, namely restorative, that is, aesthetic dentistry. It is a type of veneer made for laminated veneers and aesthetic appearance. It is especially applied to the front teeth.

Laminated Dental Veneer

The thinning process of the tooth to be laminated should not exceed 0.7 mm abrasion size. The teeth should not lose their solid hard texture. Porcelain laminate teeth, which cannot be distinguished from original teeth due to their color and appearance, can be applied to people of all ages if necessary. It can be applied especially to patients who have aesthetic concerns, whose front teeth are fractured or who do not like their tooth structure. Laminate dental veneers, which can be applied without disturbing the natural tooth structure, is an aesthetic dentistry technique applied to have a beautiful smile. Laminate dental veneers can be completed in 1 day or 1 week depending on the number of teeth to be applied.

Who cannot have Laminated Dental Veneer?

Considering that the applied laminate teeth veneer will be damaged and the patient’s dental disorder will progress, laminate teeth veneer is not applied to people with some dental disorders. We can list the situations where the laminate teeth veneer technique cannot be applied as follows.

  • Patients with bruxism.
  • Patients with Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders.
  • Patients with gingival problems.
  • Petients with nail biting or the other nervous habits.
  • Patients with enamel loss.
  • Patients who have previously had their teeth cut or have lost a large amount of tooth hard structure.

How long is the life of teeth covered with laminated dental veneers?

Although the laminate veneer is applied over the thinned tooth structure, it is very durable. The laminate veneer, which has a fragile structure as a material, shows very high resistance to tensile and stretching impacts as it is attached to the enamel layer. A properly attached laminate is almost impossible to remove, it can only be removed from the tooth surface using diamond bur. If teeth are brushed and flossed regularly, laminate dental veneers can last a lifetime. It has a smooth porcelain surface. Therefore, consuming tobacco and its equivalents or drinking plenty of coffee and tea will not deteriorate the laminate veneers. A well-cared laminate dental veneer does not change color and does not cause stain.

Laminated Dental Veneers Prices

Laminate teeth prices differ completely according to the treatment to be applied to the patient. It may vary according to the number of teeth to be applied, whether there is decay in the teeth and whether there is a problem in oral health. Our dentist can inform the most accurate laminate dental veneer price after the first examination. Please contact us for the affordable porcelain laminate dental veneer prices.